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Charities and Not for Profits

Charities and not for profit organisations come in many different shapes and sizes but one thing remains constant in that they are all run by amazing people wanting the best for those they serve and are usually volunteers. If you have a regular following on Social Media, a large database of donors or organise regular events you could easily tap into another income stream that we promise is almost passive in terms of labour intensity.


You will find that once signed up to incentivised giving a member simply continues to donate and results show over 45% increase on 'one off' donors.

Using our system with its automated software and guaranteed cash prize you can run a meaningful weekly draw with just 2 members or over 20,000. Offer your own sub Prizes to attract more member participants and grow your membership base



We supply your own webpage to manage member donations

Members donate $2 per week automatically

We randomly draw a winner and pay them $2000

You receive up to 60% of your member donations and full reports for compliance

The process restarts automatically


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