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Property Managers

As a Real Estate Agency you simply have to be a part of the community and be seen to be 'doing the right thing' by those who hopefully will one day be your clients. As an active giver to local charities and not for profit organisations you are demonstrating you care about the community around you. Those future clients will see you reinvesting their fees into good causes which in turn will generate more business for you.


You sit on a database of tenants all paying substantial recurring sums in rent, picture how easy it could be for you to add a few dollars to that for them to donate to good causes and grow your giving at the same time. Why not have your own foundation?

Using our system with its automated software and guaranteed cash prize you can run a meaningful weekly draw with just 2 members or over 20,000. Pick a good cause locally, promote it to your members (tenants), start donating now and then ensure you tell everyone!


Remember - even after a tenant has moved on, they normally continue giving!

We supply your own webpage to manage member donations

Members or tenants donate $2 per week automatically

We randomly draw a winner and pay them $2000

Your chosen charity receives upto 60% of your member donations and full reports for compliance

The process restarts automatically




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