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Raiders Fan - Connor Bentley is a determined young man!

Sydney Metro Committee President Henry Morris and Wellbeing Officer Warren Thompson recently visited Connor Bentley at the Prince of Wales Spinal Unit at Randwick.

Only a week after completing his apprenticeship as a roof tiler, Connor suffered a spinal injury diving into a swimming pool. He has been in hospital working tirelessly on his rehabilitation at Prince of Wales for the past six months.

Connor played rugby league for the Queanbeyan Blues from under 7’s to under 18’s and is naturally a Raiders fan.

A very likeable young man, our volunteers were incredibly impressed by Connor’s courage and determination. His hospital based occupational therapist Rika Millen has done an amazing job working alongside Connor and the respect and friendship between the pair was obvious for all to see.

Rika has been very involved in getting the most appropriate wheelchair for Connor, he needed a manual chair that he could get out and about in and the Men of League Foundation were very pleased to be able to approve a financial assistance grant to cover the cost of a new light weight wheelchair.

As a result of his commitment to rehabilitation, Connor is able to return home to the ACT very soon and is understandably looking forward to being back with his family and friends.

The Men of League Foundation is really proud of Connor’s efforts in recovery and hope to see him at one of our Foundation’s future very soon!


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