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Jamieson Leeson meets Winx Hugh Bowman

14-year old Jamieson Leeson never thought in her wildest dreams would she get to meet Winx.

However, when the budding Paralympian left Rosehill Gardens last Saturday morning, she had something to truly treasure.

“I’ve actually got given a piece of Winx’s hair. To have a piece of her to take home is just incredible,” Jamieson said.

She has always wanted to meet Winx’s jockey Hugh Bowman, who like Jamieson, hails from Dunnedoo. The 14-year old described the experience as ‘amazing’.

Jamieson, who was born with spinal muscular atrophy – a childhood version of motor neurone disease – has never walked or crawled and uses a wheelchair.

The van made travelling around country New South Wales to watch her older brother Cody play his rugby league games far easier for the family.

Hit play on the video below to see Jamieson’s meet & greet with the Mighty Mare.


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