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Helping a young Family regain their freedom

Ruby McLean and her family are massive rugby league fans. At just a few months of age, Ruby was diagnosed with Spinal Muscle Atrophy has difficulty with mobility. The Men of League Foundation was pleased to be able to help the family through assisting them to purchase a modified vehicle to transport Ruby with ease.

Ruby’s mother Haley was expressed her thanks to the Foundation. We are so proud to have helped this young family regain their freedom.

Just wanted to say a huge thank you for the assistance Men of League provided so we could purchase a modified vehicle for our daughter, Ruby.

I don’t know where do we even begin to try and describe the difference this car has made to our family in such a small amount of time. The car arrived Thursday 9th November after only taking around 3 weeks to be completed and transported to us. Since then we have we have been somewhere different every day. Previously there were days where I would be stuck inside with both kids as I simply couldn’t get out of the house. But now, we have been able to take Ruby to the park, grocery shopping, visit family and friends and we even went to the KidzWish Christmas Party. Seeing her being able to play, explore and interact with other kids brought a tear to my eye just today at the Wollongong Botanical Gardens. It has given us so much freedom. None of this was achievable before and this is why ‘Thank you’ doesn’t seem enough. Every day life is so much better. Ruby’s smile says it all.

Thank you so much for everything the Men of League Foundation has done for us. We wish you and your families nothing but happiness. Lots of love from our family to yours.

Warm regards,

Mitch, Haley, Ruby and Henry McLean


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