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Broncos Fan Charli has successful surgery after $100,000 raised.

The Men of League Foundation are delighted to hear that nine-year-old Charli Berghauser’s surgery with Dr Charlie Teo on Monday was a success.

The Foundation have got to know Charli well since she was diagnosed with a pineal cystic tumour in her brain nearly 18 months ago and donated $35,000 to the overall cause so she could have her vital operation sooner. Despite being faced with the very real possibility of blindness, paraplegia or even death, Charli braved surgery to have it removed.

Charli’s parents Kas and Tony fundraised relentlessly to achieve the $100,000 required for the operation with the famous brain surgeon, which in addition to the Foundation’s $35,000 grant, received a $25,000 donation from the AB Paterson College community – one not connected to Charli or her family.

Men of League Foundation Queensland Wellbeing Manager Mark Bunting said, “The story of how the tumour was affecting Charli and her family affected me and I just wanted to help in any way we could”.

Charli, a diehard Brisbane Broncos fan, had the chance to meet some of her favourite players when she caught up with Ali Brigginshaw and Meg Ward just before Christmas last year.

Mark said he could not wait to see Charli back to her old self, running amok on the rugby league field for her beloved Jimboomba Thunder.

Queensland Wellbeing is proudly supported by BMD Group.


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