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A special message from a Dragons Family.

“On behalf of Lachlan and Laylah Thompson (Lance Thompson’s 5 year old twins) and myself, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Men Of League Foundation for your support.

Sadly after losing Lance in August we have been absolutely devastated, uncertain of what our future may hold and what other significant changes we will now have to make in our lives. We will never get over the loss of Lance, especially with the children being so young.

A special mention to Vince Murphy from the Men of League Foundation for the endless amount of time he has given us. Vince not only checks up on us regularly, he has always made us feel important to the Foundation and is the reason we feel the Men of League Foundation have become family to us.

Please pass on our sincere thanks to everyone involved to make this happen.”

– Hayley Williams.

The Men of League Foundation wish Laylah, Lachlan and all of the kids in the rugby league family a happy and productive start to Term 1.


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